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W. Armstrong to Wm. Watson (1847-09-14)

Collection: Stories of migration as told through correspondence
Letter ID: 3782
Date: 1847-09-14
Sender Address: Lurgan

Sender: Armstrong, W.

Sender Address: Lurgan
Address Co-ordinates: 54.464722, -6.332222
Country: Northern Ireland

Recipient: Watson, Wm.

Recipient Address: Chestnut, Philadelphia
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Sent by ?W. Armstrong, 1349 L. St. N. W., Washington, D.C., USA to Alfred Russel Wallace, [Nutwood Cottage, Frith Hill, Godalming] on 20 December 1887. - ONLINE

Collection: Alfred Russel Wallace Letters Online
Letter ID: WCP1330
Date: 1887-12-20
Web Address:
Recipient Address: Nutwood Cottage, Frith Hill, Godalming

Recipient: Wallace, Alfred Russel

Recipient Address: Nutwood Cottage, Frith Hill, Godalming
Address Co-ordinates: 51.193844,-0.6142244
Country: United Kingdom
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From Armstrong, W. J. to Clemens, Samuel L. (1907-03-27) - ONLINE

Collection: Mark Twain Letters 1905-1979
Letter ID: UCLC36276
Date: 1907-03-27
Web Address:;facet-written=1900;identifier=UCLC36276

Sender: Armstrong, W. J.

Sender Address: Paterson, N.J.
Recipient Address: New York, N.Y.

Recipient: Clemens, Samuel L.

Recipient Address: New York, N.Y.
Address Co-ordinates: 40.7127, -74.0059
Country: United States
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From Armstrong, J.V. of W.P. Thompson & Co, Liverpool to Hackford, M.M. Mrs (1936-11-20) - ONLINE

Collection: University of Leeds Letters Database
Letter ID: DOCN_000024588
Date: 1936-11-20
Web Address:*ID=13&*DB=LETT&*DD=Document:%2012%3CBR%3E&*HI=Y&*UZ=@DOCN=000024588&*QX=%7E%7E(((FOSTER)%5BLOCN%5D))
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