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Mackay, Charles, 1814-1889, Boxhill, Surrey, to Thomas Bradfield - ONLINE

Collection: Yale University Library - General Collection Manuscript Miscellany
Letter ID: GROUP 618 F-3
Date: 1871-02-01
Web Address:

Sender: Mackay, Charles

Sender Address: Boxhill, Surrey
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Bradfield, Thomas to Darwin, C. R. 1 June 1871 - ONLINE

Collection: Charles Darwin Correspondence 1869-1882
Letter ID: 7795
Date: 1871-06-01
Web Address:

Sender: Bradfield, Thomas

Sender Address: London, Strand, 2
Recipient Address: Down

Recipient: Darwin, Charles Robert

Recipient Address: Down
Address Co-ordinates: 51.331389, 0.053333
Country: United Kingdom
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