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From Burton, Richard E. to Clemens, Samuel L. - ONLINE

Collection: Mark Twain Letters 1879-1889
Letter ID: UCLC46478
Year: 1888
Web Address:;facet-written=1880;identifier=UCLC46478
Sender Address: Hartford, Conn.

Sender: Burton, Richard E.

Sender Address: Hartford, Conn.
Address Co-ordinates: 41.762736, -72.674286
Country: United States
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From Burton, Richard Francis to Cheney - ONLINE

Collection: Mark Twain Letters 1830-1878
Letter ID: UCLC42067
Web Address:;facet-written=0000;identifier=UCLC42067

Recipient: Cheney

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From Elia Kazan to Richard Burton (03-05-1978)

Collection: Elia Kazan: Selected Letters
Letter ID: slek_270
Date: 03-05-1978
Source: Albert J. Devlin and Marlene J. Devlin, ed., The Selected Letters of Elia Kazan. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2014.
Sender Address: New York

Sender: Kazan, Elia

Sender Address: New York
Address Co-ordinates: 40.7127, -74.0059
Country: United States

Recipient: Burton, Richard

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Burton, Richard Francis, Sir, 1821-1890, Trieste, Austria, to Andrew Chatto - ONLINE

Collection: Yale University Library - General Collection Manuscript Miscellany
Letter ID: GROUP 1214 F-1
Date: 1882-08-14
Web Address:
Sender Address: Trieste, Austria

Sender: Burton, Richard Francis, Sir

Sender Address: Trieste, Austria
Address Co-ordinates: 45.6333,13.8
Country: Italy

Recipient: Chatto, Andrew

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From Burton, Richard to Char, Alyce (1931-11-01) - ONLINE

Collection: Mark Twain Letters 1905-1979
Letter ID: UCLC49656
Date: 1931-11-01
Web Address:;facet-written=1930;identifier=UCLC49656

Recipient: Char, Alyce

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